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Medical Card

What is PRUhealth?

PRUhealth is a NEW regular premium medical rider plan from Prudential.  It is the First Medical Card in Malaysia that :

  • Gives you bonuses when you are healthy.
  • Takes care of your medical bills when you are not

Why PRUhealth so special? 

  • Rewards you with NO CLAIM BONUS every year of up to RM500 when you do not make any claim for the year.       
  • Pays for your medical expenses during hospitalisation, surgery or outpatient treatment.
  • For those who want a longer coverage. You can choose to have a GUARANTEED RENEWAL till age 70, 80 and 100.
  • An option to Waive the Annual Claims Limit of the Plan which enables you to make claims above your annual limit.
  • Affordable premium from RM100 per month for adult and RM60 for children.

How much PRUhealth will rewards you?

Please refer to the tabulate plan below.

Why should I sign up for PRUhealth?

Those who bought insurance realise the importance of having a medical insurance plan to safeguard themselves against unexpected and costly major medical bills. By having medical insurance plan, they transfer all the risk to insurance company and all the major medical expenses will be covered.

More often they pay their premiums every year without fail for 24/7protection. However, not all of them make a claim each and every year.

What if you can now purchase a plan that rewards you with yearly bonuses of up to RM500 when you do not make a claim, with comprehensive coverage for hospitalisation and surgery bills? Isn’t it good to have peace of mind….


Get an A to Z info on PRUhealth below.



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