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~ Cost Of Education In Malaysia

Posted by faisalrenzo on May 25, 2011

The affordable cost of tertiary quality education is one of the good reasons why international students should choose Malaysia to study in. Your education cost is made up of:

  • Course fees which include tuition fees and other study fees payable to the institution, depending on what you are studying and the duration of your course/study programme, and;
  • Other components like the living expenses which will depend on which location you are staying in, your type of accommodation and your lifestyle.

Course Fees in Malaysia

Your course fees will consist of your tuition fees plus other related direct study expenses. Below are some or even all of the components that you may incur during your course of study :

  • Registration Fee
  • Tuition Fee
  • Deposit
  • Computer/Science Laboratory Fee
  • Health & Hospitalisation Insurance Premium
  • Library fee
  • Other Incidental Costs

Tables below show the breakdown of estimated tuition fees at various levels of study ranging from pre-u studies, bachelor’s degrees to Ph.D levels.

A. Pre-University Programmes
Private Higher Educational Institutions (PHEIs) in Malaysia offer 2 types of pre-university qualification for SPM or GCSE ‘O’ leavers to pursue :

  • External Qualifications
    These are pre-university qualifications awarded by External Academic Bodies of the respective countries.
  • Internal Qualifications
    These are pre-university qualification courses developed and provided by individual private colleges or universities.
    The estimated fees are:

B. English Course
Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi-lingual country with most Malaysians communicating in English. Thus, this makes Malaysia an ideal place for non-native speakers to practice the language. To help those who need to improve their English, many highly-experienced educational institutions and language centres in Malaysia offer language preparatory courses, especially to prepare International Students to sit for internationally-accepted English qualifications such as TOEFL and IELTS.

The estimated tuition fees are:

C. Bachelor’s Degree Programmes
Malaysia offers you many study pathways to complete an entire 3-year bachelor’s degree programme at a very competitive cost if you have GCE A-Levels / SAM or other equivalent pre-university qualifications. The estimated tuition fees are:

D. Professional Qualification Programmes
If you choose to obtain a professional qualification, there are private educational institutions in Malaysia that prepare students to sit for external professional examinations, set by the various international examination bodies / professional boards, which will award the qualifications upon the student’s examination success.

E. Postgraduate Studies
The public universities as well as the private higher educational institutions (PHEIs) in Malaysia offer International Students, the MBA and other Master’s Degrees as well as Post-Graduate programmes at relatively competitive tuition fees combined with international standards of education. The estimated tuition fees are:

F. Twining Degree Arrangement
Malaysian private institutions have made arrangements with overseas collaborative universities whereby students can enroll locally into programmes of “2+1″ Twinning Degree. In a twinning programme, students can complete the identical curriculum for either 1 year; 1″ years or 2 years or 2″ years in Malaysia, out of the 3-year degree programme before going overseas, to the twinning partner university, to complete the remaining duration of their degree. One of the outstanding feature for twinning degree programme is the students registers with both the local private education institutions and the foreign university (dual registration), and upon successful completion of the local segment he/she is guaranteed admission to the next level in the campus of the twinning-partner university, in the UK, USA, Australia and various other countries.

The table displayed below provides an indication of the estimated total course fees for the entire “2+1″ twinning programme, where the first two years of studies will be pursued at institutions in Malaysia while the final year will be completed at the twinning partner university in a foreign country such as Australia or UK.

Cross – Country Comparison of Education Cost

Malaysia has always been a competitive study destination for International Students. The main attraction is the low cost of education and the added bonus of International Students being allowed to work in Malaysia while studying here. Among countries in this region where education is a revenue-generating commodity, Malaysia also offers one of the most simplified immigration procedures for those who qualify to obtain students’ passes to study.

Let us now examine the course fees and living expenses for International Students among the countries (that offer courses using English medium).

Conversion rate used: 1A$ = RM2.80, 1C$ = RM3.10, 1Euro = 4.70, 1NZ$ = 2.50, 1S$ = RM2.30, 1£ = RM7.00, 1USD = RM3.70
The data extracted may not be up-to-date and may not be obtained from the relevant sources & is meant for informational guide only.

To emphasis the competitive advantage of Malaysia’s affordable costs, the table in the following section will provide a simple comparison of study costs between an Australian University branch campus in Malaysia and the Main University Campus in Australia.

Currency Conversion Rate : A$1=RM2.80, USD1=RM3.70

Source : Research Team

Disclaimer: The figures and data provided in this Chapter are estimated guide only. Students are advised to check with the respective institutions or authority concerned before proceeding with your enrollment.


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  1. Nas said

    future education akan “back to the basic”. believe me. 🙂

  2. Sharmilla Chee said

    Hi, i can’t agree more with what you’ve said. A good education plan is very important for children nowadays. To do a degree can easily cost more than RM 50 000 these days. Imagine how the price would be in 10,20 years time!!! I am a financial planner in Tokio Marine and we, in Tokio Marine understand parents’ need in an excellent education policy. Please feel free to contact me at, or 016 978 9285 for more details on how i can help lessen your burden. Thank you


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