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~ Prudential Hopes Ad Campaign Will Create Waves

Posted by faisalrenzo on May 19, 2011

Prudential Assurance Malaysia Bhd will launch a RM7 million advertising campaign beginning on Monday to promote its new medical plan called “PRUhealth”.

Its chief marketing officer Thomas Wong hopes the campaign will generate a considerable amount of buzz, using a variety of media including television, radio, print and outdoor advertising.

“We still have much to do to increase public awareness on this aspect because according to published report, only 15 per cent of Malaysians have some form of medical insurance. There is a lot more that we can do to address the gap,” he told reporters after the launch of the new PRUhealth policy in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

Wong claims that Prudential is one of the largest underwriters of individual medical insurance plan in Malaysia and expects the new product to be well received.

He said last year alone, the insurer was responsible for a third of the total RM912 million medical and health claims in the insurance industry.

PRUhealth pays up to RM500 in bonuses per year as long as the customer has not made any claims for the year.

Wong said the bonus would be automatically converted to additional units, which would then be invested in investment-linked funds to help increase the investment value of the policy.

The regular premium plan is available as a rider to be attached to the company’s investment linked plans, namely PRUlink assurance plan or PRUlink education plan.

“Alternatively, the bonus can also be withdrawn if customers wish to do so,” he said.

With additional premiums, customers can also choose to waive the annual limits applicable to their PRUhealth plan in order to enjoy enhanced protection.

PRUhealth has five different plans offered to individuals aged between one and 70 at a minimum monthly premium of RM100.

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